What Makes Omega Watches so Appealing?

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Omega traces its origins to the 1848 La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop of Louis Brandt. Nearly a century of family control followed, and 1903 witnessed the adoption of the name “Omega” from amongst the many brand names previously used by the firm.Omega’s longstanding dedication to chronometry, Olympic and sports timing, and adoption by space agencies has created a legacy equaled only by its eternal rival, Rolex. From the Speedmaster Professional in orbit to the Seamaster family’s silver screen roles alongside James Bond, pre-owned Omega watches offer legendary options for every collector.
Founded in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Lois Brandt, the Omega brand has a reputation for quality and innovation, which have led to more than 150 years in production. The name “Omega” is derived from the final letter in the Greek alphabet and symbolizes perfection and accomplishment, which are two qualities that have been ingrained in every watch created by this company. Omega has received numerous awards, beginning in the 1900s when it received recognition at the Paris World Fair, and then achieved the world precision record of 97.8 points in 1936 at the Kew-Teddington observatory, located in England. Since then, this brand of watch has gone on to be the official timekeeper of at least 21 Olympic Games, and even received the Olympic Cross of Merit for the contribution made to sport. Omega was the first watch worn to the moon, on the wrist of astronaut Neil Armstrong, and the company developed the first ever self-winding watch in 1994. Today, Omega watches are made available in the sporty Speedmaster and Seamaster collections, as well as the more dressed up De Ville and Constellation families.

What Makes Omega Watches so Appealing?
While the Omega watch offers precision timekeeping, it is also one of the most well-known watches around the globe, thanks to its use in movies, sports and more. Omega owners have something in common with George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and Eddie Redmayne, who are all ambassadors for the Omega brand. Today, wearing an Omega timepiece instantly sets you apart from the crowd, letting others know that not only do you have exquisite taste, but also appreciate the superior craftsmanship of one of the best mechanical watches available today.

Rolex Military Submariner 5513

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When it comes to rare luxury watches that are sure to turn heads there are few that are as desirable as the Military Rolex Submariner 5513. Forget finding one of these watches in mint condition. Finding one at all is a victory for most collectors. The Royal Navy had about 1200 made in the 1970’s. It is said by some experts that only a few hundred exist in their original condition. Many of these watches have had parts replaced or have been destroyed over the years.Take a close look at the Milsub’s dial and you should be able to quickly spot a large T in a circle.The T was marked on this watch to indicate the presence of tritium.

The dial is also a dead giveaway as two which reference of the Military Submariner you might have. The markers on a reference 5517 will have a much bolder look than the 5513 shown above.

Moving on to the watch hands you will notice that the Military Submariner’s arms can be a little different than the standard 5513. The Military issue 5513 sports one of two variations. The first uses the standard Mercedes hands. The latter will utilize two sword hands and has no Mercedes emblem. The Omega Seamaster has similar sword hands, which some people have used as replacements. A good collector should inspect the hands to ensure that they are in fact original.

The Bezel of the Milsub 5513 was specially crafted with an insert that may contain markings all the way around. The case is a standard 5513 but the spring bars are fitted with metal bars that use a NATO type strap. Because of this configuration the MilSub’s are not seen with a stainless steel strap unless modified.

The caseback has a very unique set of symbols and numbers that will be different depending on the delivery date. Some of these models were delivered with Mercedes hands and others with 15-minute bezels. Identifying the correct reference before making an evaluation of a Milsub will be important.On the back of each case there is a MOD number that begins with 0552 or W10. A triangle with a hat will be displayed directly below the issue and year numbers.

Three Omega Watches Review

1.Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” Ceramic GMT

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Building off of the success of last year’s Planet Ocean “Deep Black”, which was constructed from black ceramic, Omega used Baselworld 2017 to unveil a new Seamaster Planet Ocean model in the form of the “Big Blue”. Aesthetically, the model is very similar to last year’s, although as the name suggests, blue has replaced black.

Like its predecessor, the “Big Blue” is a combination GMT and divers’ watch, with a large 45mm case diameter. This time, however, it makes use of the signature blue and orange combination, which is so strongly associated with the collection. It also offers water resistance for up to 600 meters, which is highly impressive for a ceramic timepiece.

2. 1957 Trilogy Limited Edition

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The 60th anniversary of the release of three of Omega’s most iconic watches – the Seamaster 300, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster. To mark the occasion, the manufacturer has unveiled limited edition versions of each of the three models, combining their own classic appeal with the best in modern technology.

All three models are constructed from stainless steel and have a classic-style ‘Tropical’ dial, with pale orange dial markers. The Speedmaster features a tachymetre scale, the Railmaster offers anti-magnetic resistance for up to 15,000 Gauss, and the Seamaster has a black aluminum bezel. Each model is limited to just 3,557 pieces.

3. Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer 44mm

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Previously known as the Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer, Omega took the decision to re-brand this particular collection, focusing instead on its history as a motor racing watch. The new model stays true to the core aesthetic of the collection, with its alternating minute-track, and has a 44mm case diameter.

A variety of different color options are available, while buyers also have the choice of either stainless steel or Senda gold. One of the strap options, which combines leather and orange rubber, has a very sporty appearance, while an aged brown leather strap is also available for those who want a more classic look.


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In the early seventies, the steel and gold 16753 version was an addition to the stainless-steel and full-gold models of the Rolex GMT-Master. The steel and gold version became available with a black dial and rotating GMT-bezel, as well with a brown dial and gold-brown colored bezel. It’s the latter this 52Mondayz article is about.While most Rolex sports watches have black dials, a brown dial quite stands out from the crowd. And that is something which attracts to me, one way or the other. This brown dial as well is the reason for this watch’ nickname, ‘Root Beer’. The color of the dial obviously resembles the color of root beer in that time.

And if one nickname isn’t enough, the Rolex GMT-Master 16753 can be found as well under the names of ‘Tiger Eye’ (or Tiger Auge in German), and even ‘Clint Eastwood’. Certainly, the two-colored bezel has more or less the same colors as can be found in Tiger Eye stones. And the 16753 seems, or seemed, to be Clint Eastwood’s favorite watch. Except often off-stage, it could be seen on his wrist in the 1982 Cold War film Firefox as well.

The last thing I want to mention on nicknames is about the index markers. Most of the brown dialed Rolex GMT-Master 16753’s you’ll find have thicker and higher (golden) indexes than regular Rolex sports models. Dials with these slightly cone-shaped high thick index markers are often, well always, referred to as ‘nipple dials’. The watch I’m wearing this week, however, has a later produced service dial with regular ring-shaped index markers. Although the name of the other indexes, of course, attracts more towards them, the regular ring-shaped indexes look very good and are actually harder to find.

The Rolex GMT-Master 16753, like the 16750, is considered a ‘transitional’ model. This means that the casing, plexiglass, and dial are equal to the former 1675 models. However, a newer type movement has been used. The older GMT-Masters had a Rolex Caliber 1570 caliber. The 16753’s contains the then new higher beat 3075 movement with a convenient quickset date.

My advice is to stay real. If you’re not out for the 1% of these watches which are still untouched and ex-factory original, don’t bother too much. Assure yourself that all parts are original Rolex parts, be it from the date the watch was produced, or original service parts replaced by Rolex or one of their service centers. If a vintage watch has been good taken care of in the past, parts should have been replaced. If not, quite a few of them are worn out and should be considered broken by this time.Why not select our replica store?.